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Grace Community Church Ramona Podcast

Jun 29, 2014

A brilliant medical doctor discovered the use of blood plasma that resulted in saving thousands of lives in World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam War. At Pearl Harbor, for example, 96% of those who received plasma, survived. After World War II Charles Drew was named director of the National Blood Bank Program, and devoted himself to teaching doctors at Howard University Medical School. On April 1, 1950, while driving some young doctors to a conference he was involved in an automobile accident in Burlington, N.C. He was rushed to a hospital where his life could have been saved by plasma. But Dr. Drew was denied admission to the hospital because his skin was black. He died on the way to another hospital 26 miles away.

The church is also riddled with prejudice and favoritism that causes many divisions which have become extremely unappealing to the world and we must be careful to not allow them to rear their ugly head. Some of those prejudices and favoritisms include: The young looking down on the elderly and vice versa, Doctrinal divisions over nonessentials (Predestination vs. free-will), and Divisions over music preference.