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Grace Community Church Ramona Podcast

May 11, 2014

A headline in a Michigan newspaper read the following a few years ago "It May Be Harder to Get to Hell This Year."

There was a bridge that was the only way into the town that was going to be repaired and was going to take about a year for the project to be completed... A project that could cause Hell, Michigan to go bankrupt.

Unfortunately the real place called hell in the Bible is not going bankrupt and it is not hard to get to. In fact to get there all you have to do is nothing. Just pretend like there are no absolutes, that sin is no big deal, that Jesus is just a nice option, and that a loving God would never send people to hell if there even is a God. First off we must note that God absolutely exists as proven by scientific laws such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of First Cause, and the laws of Thermodynamics. Second, God has clearly taught us that there is a literal place called "hell" as taught in Luke 16:19-31. It may surprise you to know that 11 of the 12 times the word "gehenna" (hell) occurs in the New Testament it is from the lips of the Savior Himself. Make no mistake about it, Jesus believed in a literal hell.