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Patriotic Service 2019
Evan Young, Jerry Sain, Shawn Percival


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As we continue the story of Yeshua: Messiah King we find Jesus still in Jerusalem celebrating the feast of Passover. A prominent Rabbi initiates an evening meeting with Jesus. Little did he know that this man from Nazareth was about to rock his world.

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There are evils in this world that should make us angry and spur us to action. If they don’t make us angry, something is wrong with us. As we continue the story of Yeshua, Messiah King, Jesus encounters a situation that has angered Him for twenty years but up until this moment He has not been at liberty to do anything about it. But this time it’s different.

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"If mom says no, I’ll go ask dad." This timeless phrase has been used and practiced by children throughout the ages! No doubt many of us have either been on the using or receiving end. What kids seem to understand at such an early age, is that sometimes, mom and dad have a different plan for what they want their kids to do. We will see this play out in a very unique and interesting way in our bible passage today. We will see that Mary, the mother of Jesus, has a specific appeal for Jesus, part of which went against Jesus’ Father’s plan for Him. Jesus was in a somewhat difficult spot but managed to satisfy both His Father’s plan and Mother’s appeal in the perfect way.

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In our section today we will see Jesus begins collecting his disciples in preparation for his Messianic ministry. We will see each disciple who ends up with Jesus, does so in a unique way and has a singularly unique story about their first couple days with this Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. However, despite the variety of invitations, the heart of what they have been invited into is all the same. They are to "come and see." To be partakers in what this Jesus is doing.

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