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Jesus is the Master Teacher. Often He is praised for His vivid and memorable parables. But what we discover is that Jesus taught in parables to actually hide truth. Parables were a rebuke against spiritual disinterest and opposition.

Let's put Mark 4 in context. John Mark recorded Jesus' claims to deity in chapter two and then in chapter three recorded four responses to those claims. The first response,the response of the crowds, was one of spiritual indifference. The crowd came from all over Israel to be healed and delivered. Jesus' claims and teaching were less important to them than His power to heal and deliver.

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Barangonan - What's Our Purpose?

-Identify/Train Elders
-Provide adequate resource material to the believers on Barangonan
-Local believers are taught basic Bible study principles
-Connect the local church on Barangonan with other indigenous churches in the area

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In our previous study of Mark 2:1-3:6 we discovered that Jesus said and did some outrageous things. Jesus claimed authority to forgive sins and then validated His claim by healing a paralyzed man (2:1-12). What makes His claim outrageous is that only God has authority to forgive sins so without question Jesus was claiming to be deity.

He recruited to His team and enjoyed table fellowship with a Jewish tax collector, the lowest of the low in Jewish society (2:13-17). He disregarded conventional rules of piety (2:18-22) and He claimed authority over the Law of Moses and its Sabbath law (2:23-3:6). These things were radical then and they’re radical now because if they were true about Jesus then, then they’re true about Jesus now.

How did the people at that time respond to Jesus’ claims and actions? The peoples response is exactly what John Mark is showing us in Mark 3:7-35. First, he reports the response of the crowd who poured into Capernaum from all over Israel.

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