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Life is full of choices and full of surprises. Life often gives us multiple opportunities and many doors to walk through and that’s when we seek wisdom from others and the Lord. What should I do? It is one question we will ask all through life and it is one that scripture answers for us today. What Should I Do When I’m...Faced with having to be honest in a difficult situation, when I am suffering, when I am doing well, when I am weary, when someone is going astray, etc.

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Revelation 19:11-21 reveals the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to the earth at the end of the 7 year Tribulation. He will come to make war against the Antichrist and False Prophet. In order to fully understand the situation at the time of Jesus’ second coming we need to do some review and some supplementing of our passage. We discovered in Revelation 12 that midway through the 7 year Tribulation, Satan and his demonic forces will be defeated in battle by Michael the Archangel and his angelic forces. As a result, Satan will be cast to the earth (Rev. 12:7-9). Knowing prophecy, Satan will be enraged knowing he has only 3 1/2 years before the second coming of Christ to the earth. His rage will be directed at Israel, the Jews, and at the followers of Jesus (Rev. 12:13-17). Working through the Antichrist and False Prophet Satan’s persecution of the Jews will be the most severe in human history.

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I heard a commercial on the radio the other day that jokingly said they were developing a new kind of soda. They said this new soda was going to be so convenient that when you went to the convenience store to buy it, you would actually be able to walk out of the store 30 seconds before you walked in.  We are an impatient people, aren't we? I read a poem about patience this week. I'm not a poet, but this one struck home for me. "Patience is a virtue. Possess it if you can. Found seldom in a woman. Never in a man." Well, by the grace of God, I want us to change that today. In order to do that, we’re going to look at three reasons we are to have patience. 

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Cathy and I had a terrible two years of dating before our engagement. I was in a period of spiritual rebellion. Cathy was not sure about marriage. We call it two years of "kicking each other in the shins". But we loved each other and by God’s grace in December 1983 we were engaged. Initially we thought it would be a twelve month engagement, but encouraged by the counsel of my father, we shortened it to four and a half. April 28th, 1984 we were wed. We then honeymooned on the central coast of California.

Dating, engagement, wedding and honeymoon are traditionally the four stages of our western wedding system. In Jesus' day there were four stages as well in the Jewish wedding system: the arrangement, fetching, ceremony and feast. As the Bride of Christ, we will experience each of the four stages. In fact, we've already experienced the first stage – the arrangment. We're looking forward to the second stage – the fetching. And then we’ll experience the third and fourth stages revealed in Revelation 19:6-10 - the ceremony and the feast. But before we get to this, verses one through five of Revelation 19 vibrate with heaven's celebration at the fall of Babylon.

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Money does funny things to people, doesn't it? Actually, money doesn't do anything to people. Money is an inanimate object. It's a thing. It can't do anything. It can't really change people. But what happens is, money reveals who a person really is on the inside. It removes many of the barriers that keep people from acting like they really want to act. From showing who they truly are. From uncovering their innermost self. Over the past two sermons in James, we've seen who we really are in our innermost self, haven't we? Apart from Christ, we are all full of ourselves. That's called pride. Pride is placing our selfish nature and desires in the place where only the Lord should be. A few weeks ago, we saw what happens when we place our selfish desires above God's desire. Last week, we saw what happens when we place our personal plans above God's plan. Today, we're looking at the final part about pride in James. This third part of the pride test that James covers in our passage today deals with our pocketbooks. More specifically, talking about the greedy pride that can come from using our money the wrong way. Today we are going to look at how to avoid just that and end with how to live generously as opposed to greedily.

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I need to correct something I taught in our previous study. The outline of the book of Revelation is such that from Revelation 6 through 19 the chronological sequence of Tribulation events is "interrupted" by interludes or explanatory breaks in the action (e.g. Rev. 7:1-17, 10:1-11:14, 12:1-15:4, 17:1-18). The phrase after these things (meta; tau:ta) is the signal in the Greek text that the sequence of events is resuming.

In our previous study I stated that chapters 17 & 18 were an interlude following the chronological sequence of the 7 Bowl Judgments revealed in chapter 16. That is incorrect. Chapter 18 begins with the phrase after these things (meta; tau:ta) indicating that the sequence of events is resumed in chapter 18 (Unfortunately, the ESV mistranslates this phrase as "After this."
Chapters 17 & 18 both deal with the destruction of Babylon; chapter 17 with the destruction of ecclesiastical Babylon (the one-world church) and chapter 18 the destruction of commercial Babylon (the economic system of the Antichrist). Careful observation of the text makes clear that these are separate and distinct events. Here are two significant ways in which these events differ: Ecclesiastical Babylon will be destroyed by the Antichrist and 10 king coalition (17:16), but commercial Babylon will be destroyed by God (18:4-8).

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The last time we were in James, we started a section of his letter that runs all the way from chapter 4:1 through 5:6. This large section that we started last week is a three part section on what I call the pride test. James 4:1-12 - Selfish Pride. James 4:13-17 - Presumptive Pride. James 5:1-6 – Greedy Pride.

If you were to come up with the most basic definition of pride you could, what would it be? The most basic definition of pride I can think of is to say that pride is...putting ourselves in the place where only God should be. When we looked at selfish pride last week, we saw what happens when we elevate our selfish desires above God’s desire. Today we’re going to see what happens when we elevate our personal plans above God's plan. When we think we know more about the future than He does. When we pridefully presume upon God by placing our worries over His providence. I want us this coming year to be able to say with Him, "Not my will, but yours." In order to do that, we're going to look at three characteristics of presumptive pride. Read James 4:13-17

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Revelation chapters 17 and 18 are an interlude in the sequence of Tribulation events. These chapters deal with the destruction of religious and economic Babylon. Revelation 17 reveals the destruction of Babylon in its religious aspect.

Religion will flourish during the first half of the Tribulation in the false religious system called Babylon, the great prostitute. This system may be centered in the rebuilt city of Babylon or perhaps in Rome. It will be ecumenical including numerous apostate religious groups. This one-world church will enjoy the support of the state and use the power of the state to push its agenda. For the first half of the Tribulation, the prostitute will reign unchallenged; but at the middle of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will see her as a challenge to his own power and program. With the coalition of ten nations under his control, he will destroy the one-world religious system and declare himself God, demanding to be worshiped.

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The church at Jerusalem where James pastored was a church that was made up of real people. And because it was made up of real people, there was conflict.

James asks his readers where their continual desire to fight amongst themselves comes from. And his answer is surprising. Rather than point his finger at an outward cause of their strife, he tells them it is because of each of their individual selfishness. Selfishness that is rooted in their pride. He doesn’t address it as a problem with the church body as a whole. It's not a problem with the group. It's not a problem with other people. He tells them it’s a problem with each of them. And that problem with each of them is causing problems for the body as a whole. Today I want each of us to identify and recognize the areas in our lives where we harbor selfish pride. And when the Holy Spirit shows us those areas, I want us to turn from them and turn to the better way of selflessness that Christ offers. In order to do that, we're going to ask and answer three questions concerning selfish pride. Those questions and their answers are found in James 4:1-12.


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Chapters 12-14 have revealed personalities and events of the middle of the seven-year Tribulation. The Antichrist will come to power. The False Prophet will be advancing worship of the Antichrist through the image and the mark. Violent persecution of the Jews will break out with a remnant of Jews kept safe by God in a city of refuge. Followers of Jesus Christ will find themselves enemies of the state subject to arrest and execution. Chapters 15 & 16 now resume the chronological sequence of Tribulation events. God's wrath against the counterfeit Trinity and its followers will reach its zenith in the form of the seven Bowl Judgments.

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