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It is a common misconception that people who lived during the Old Testament were saved by keeping the Law of Moses while those who lived after Jesus are saved by grace. This error was perpetuated by the Pharisees in Judaism and later by the Judaizers in the Church. The Apostle Paul combated this error in both Romans and Galatians.

The truth of the matter is that in every dispensation, sinners are reconciled to God by faith. Faith is the basis by which every sinner from Adam & Eve to the last person born in the Millennial Kingdom is justified before God. No sinner has or ever will be declared righteous by God on the basis of keeping the Law or by good works.

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In 10:19-39, the Preacher applies, warns and encourages. To fully understand we need to think about a critical incident in the ministry of our Lord recorded in Matthew 12. Prior to Matthew 12, Jesus and His disciples traveled from town to town preaching the good news of the Kingdom and appealing to the nation of Israel to "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand." On the occasion recorded in Matthew 12:22-45, Jesus cast out a demon. When the people asked if Jesus could be "the Son of David" (v.23), that is, the Messiah, their spiritual leaders responded that Jesus was in league with Satan, not God (12:24). This is the unpardonable sin. This is the moment the nation of Israel rejected Messiah. From that point on, Jesus spoke judgment upon that generation (12:38-45; 21:33-46; 23:1-36). He began speaking in parables to hide the truth as an act of judgment (13:10-17). He and His disciples no longer preached the coming of the Kingdom (16:20). Jesus began preparing His disciples for His crucifixion and resurrection (17:9-13, 22-23; 20:17-19). Jesus revealed the judgment that would befall that generation.

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In 9:1-10:18 the Preacher continues to demonstrate the inadequacies of the Mosaic (Old) Covenant. The ministry of the Old Covenant took place in an earthly tabernacle that limited access to God to one man once a year; the ministry of the New Covenant takes place in the heavenly Tabernacle and opens access to God through the one man, Jesus Christ. Animal sacrifices under the Old Covenant had to be offered repeatedly because they dealt only with the external and could not take away sin; Jesus' sacrifice under the New Covenant was offered once for all because it purifies the conscience and takes away sin. The Old Covenant was a shadow and parable meant to reveal truths about God, the way of salvation and ultimately the Messiah; the New Covenant is the reality.

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In our study of Hebrews 7:11-28 we discovered that in 1000B.C., through King David, God revealed a massive change in His program for Israel: Messiah will be both King and Priest! This revelation had huge implications: a change in the priesthood necessarily requires a change in the law. Psalm 110:4 revealed that when Messiah comes the Law of Moses and the Aaronic Priesthood would end. They would be replaced by the Law of Messiah and the Melchizedekian Priesthood. Far from being an attack on Judaism, these changes were always part of God's plan. Another implication of Psalm 110:4 is that with a change in the law and priesthood, there would also be a change in the covenant. The Law of Moses and the Aaronic Priesthood were associated with the Mosaic Covenant. The Mosaic Covenant was a conditional covenant between God and Israel. The terms of the Mosaic Covenant were straight forward:  obedience to the Law brings blessing, disobedience brings cursing.

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With the coming of Jesus our Messiah a massive change took place in God's program: both the Law of Moses and the Aaronic Priesthood came to an end. They were replaced by the Law of Messiah and the Melchizedekian Priesthood. As Gentiles we struggle to comprehend the magnitude of this change.

For the Jews of the first century A.D. such an idea was incomprehensible. In their view Jesus was a blasphemer, not the Messiah. As far as they were concerned absolutely nothing changed in God's program. To suggest that the Law of Moses and the Aaronic Priesthood had ended and been replaced was, in their view, an attack on Judaism and Jewish identity.

Their hatred and persecution of messianic believers for holding such a belief is not hard to understand. In Hebrews 7:11-28 the Preacher explains the purpose, reasons and result of this change in God's program. He shows that this change in the law and priesthood is not a New Testament invention, but was always part of God's plan as revealed in the Jewish Scriptures by one of the pillars of Judaism, King David himself.

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