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Context is critical to the study of God's Word. When beginning a study of a book of the Bible it is essential to discover its historical context. Every good commentary will cover authorship, date, recipients and historical circumstances in its introduction. An excellent online resource for historical context of each New Testament book is Dr. Daniel Wallace's New Testament:  Introductions and Outlines. 

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Some of us don't realize it, but we have a desperate need for rescue, and that is exactly what Jesus Christ brought us. Some of us don't realize that ultimately what we celebrate each Christmas is our joy in the fact that God has sent us a rescuer… it is the God-Man Jesus Christ! We were trapped in sin, but God worked a major rescue operation. The Jews in Jesus’ day were looking for rescue from their Messiah. They have been in bondage for just about all of their existence, and at that point they are under the bondage of the Romans. They want rescue! They are expecting political and military rescue, but miss that Jesus was coming to give them a far greater rescue than that! Read Matthew 21:1-9

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Christmas is a party. Specifically, it's a birthday party for Jesus, celebrating His becoming a human so that He could perform the greatest act of love and sacrifice anyone has ever performed. That act was death upon a cross… The result was forgiveness of sins and salvation for us! Ironically at most Christmas parties the guest of honor is completely ignored! Prayerfully for us here that doesn’t become the case!

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Jesus is and will forever be the most unique person in all reality. We struggle to comprehend Him. Our struggle is reflected in heresies about Jesus that developed early in the history of the church and even now exist in the cults.

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I know that many of you come from a Roman Catholic background and I want you to know that my desire is that you would simply know the truth of what the Gospel actually teaches and be freed from the lies and heresy of the Roman Catholic Church. In order to do that I am going to simply take you through the most important aspects of Scripture and show you why Catholicism doesn't square with them. These are the most important things to share with your Catholic friends and family members.

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As we prepare our hearts to remember Jesus through the bread and cup, we’re going to discover that as Jesus celebrated the final Passover of His first coming, He was thinking about the first Passover of His second coming!
In the Law of Moses, God established seven annual feasts to be observed by the nation of Israel.  The Feast of Passover commemorates God’s deliverance of the Israelites from physical death on the night of Passover through the blood sacrifice of the passover lamb.

As thousands of Jewish families gathered at the Passover meal and looked back at God’s deliverance Jesus gathered with His disciples for the Passover meal and looked forward to Passover’s ultimate fulfillment in the Millennial Kingdom. Read Luke 22:14-20.

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It is easy to shake our heads in disgust when we see some of the atrocities happening in the Middle East at the hands of many of the Muslim faith. However, we cannot expect people that no know little else, especially little about the hope of Jesus Christ, to change. It has been said, "The only thing it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." My prayer is that as a result of this series we are not okay with doing nothing. That we will have a deeper love for the lost and stronger confidence in reaching them.

Today we will simply compare the two most important aspects of Islam and Christianity: (1) Their holy books and (2) their founders. This means we will be comparing the Koran with the Bible and Mohammed with Jesus!

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This morning, it is our joy to commission two of our brothers to the office of Deacon. In preparation we will study the origin of and the qualifications for the office of Deacon. Please turn in your Bibles to Acts 6:1-6 where is recorded the beginning of the office of deacon.


The church in Jerusalem had grown considerably since the Feast of Pentecost 33A.D. at which time 3000 Jews came to faith in Jesus and were baptized (Acts 2:40-41). Apparently, many who had visited Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost and were converted settled in Jerusalem to grow in their new-found faith in Christ.  This influx of Greek-speaking Jews (Hellenists) required the native Hebrew-speaking Jews to temporarily pool their resources to meet their brethren's needs (Acts 4:32). Among those dependent upon the charitable giving of the church were widows who were served food on a daily basis. A problem arose when the Greek-speaking Jews (Hellenists) felt their widows were being neglected in favor of the native Jews.

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