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Today we come to one of the most dramatic events in Scripture- the transfiguration of Jesus. This event followed Jesus' announcement of His suffering, rejection, death and resurrection (8:31) and the cost to those who would follow Him to the cross (8:34).

Jesus made it clear that the Cross (Isa. 53) had to come before the Crown (Dan. 7:13-14). But God graciously gave the transfiguration to encourage the disciples that the Crown will most certainly follow the Cross. It is evident Jesus knew the transfiguration was coming. He announced it at least six full days before it happened. I believe the transfiguration took place on Mount Hermon in the area near Caesarea Philippi where Jesus and the disciples had come after the healing of the blind man (8:27). Mount Hermon is 9,000 feet in elevation and fits the description of being a "high mountain".

Verse one of Mark 9 actually belongs with the previous passage where Jesus emphasized both the cost and blessing of following Him to the cross.

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God desires Humility in the lives of His Children

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No Pain, No Gain is a reality we encounter in many different areas of our lives. Whether it be fitness, athletics, education, business or work projects around the house it often requires a certain amount of pain to achieve the desired gain. We constantly think in these terms to decide what we are and are not going to do. "Is the gain worth the pain?" The "gains" that we decide are worth the "pains" are what we value. In this passage the disciples are confronted with this same question, "Is the gain worth the pain?"

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Mark 8:1-26 highlights two things: 1) the intensifying conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees and 2) the disciples’ continuing difficulty in grasping Jesus’ true nature.

There are three preliminary issues that are key to understanding this passage:
1. The O.T. concept of "a sign".
2. Jewish messianic expectation.
3. Framing.

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God's Family Welcomes All Who Have Faith in Christ

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In order to understand this passage we need first to understand a thing called the Oral Law (also referred to as the tradition of the elders). The Oral Law was a commentary on the Written Law (the Law of Moses) explaining how its 613 commandments were to be carried out. Certain Jews believe that at the same time that the Written Law was given from Mount Sinai, the Oral Law, too, was delivered to Moses. The Oral Law was then handed down orally to certain Jewish leaders/rabbis through each successive generation until these teaching were collected in a book called the Mishnah. The Mishnah is a compilation of the teachings of these Jewish leaders/rabbis to whom the Oral Law was committed tracing clear back to Moses.

The teachings of these Jewish rabbis was in the process of being collected in the days of our Lord. The Mishnah was completed about 250 A.D.; over 200 years after Jesus' ascension. The Mishnah is the tradition of the elders in written form. For orthodox Jews the Mishnah is their second most important book; the Torah (Written Law) being the first.

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We discovered in the previous passage that Herod Antipas misunderstood Jesus because of his guilt (6:14-29). In the passages before us in this study we discover that the disciples missed a major revelation about Jesus because of resentment.

After being rejected in His hometown of Nazareth (6:1-6) Jesus sent His disciples out (6:7-13). John Mark "sandwiches" in Herod Antipas' response to Jesus (6:14-29) then picks up the disciples' ministry trip again (6:30-31). The disciples returned to Jesus in Capernaum and reported the amazing things they had done and taught in His name.

Do you remember how crazy it was in Capernaum when His family came to take Him away? John Mark tells us there were so many people Jesus and His disciples couldn't even eat (3:21). As we can see the ministry load hadn't let up; Jesus and His disciples still couldn't find space to eat. So Jesus directed they get away to a remote place to rest.

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I hope by this time in our study of the Gospel of Mark we are realizing that Jesus and His 3 1/2 years of public ministry were extremely controversial. Many were looking for the promised Messiah; but that Messiah was completely human. Jesus' claim to be deity - to be a God-Man - was outrageous, blasphemous.

The leaders of Judaism spread the idea that Jesus was demon possessed and was performing miracles by the power of Satan (3:22). His family believed Him insane (3:20-21). The people of His hometown Nazareth insisted He was nothing more than a commoner (6:1-6).

There were three additional explanations about Jesus that were popularly believed.

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In this study we discover that Jesus traveled to His hometown of Nazareth, a tiny village in the hills west of the Sea of Galilee. This was His second ministry trip. Luke recorded the first - it did not go well (Luke 4:16-30). His boyhood friends, the neighbors He grew up with and worked for as a carpenter, the elders of the synagogue were so infuriated by His teaching they attempted to murder Him by throwing Him off a cliff!

Perhaps the rejection of His people in Nazareth contributed to Jesus' decision to set up His base of operations on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee at Capernaum. While in Capernaum we discovered that Jesus' own family came from Nazareth determined to take control of Him because they were convinced He was out of His mind (Mark 3:21, 31-34).

Perhaps a year after His first ministry visit, Jesus returned a second time to try and reach His people.

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The Gospel of Mark reveals that Jesus treats adults as ... well ... adults. That is, Jesus holds people accountable for their actions. To those who come to Him with an open heart and mind, Jesus responded with grace and healing and compassion. But to those who were unreceptive and close minded Jesus responded with correction and rebuke. In this passage we see both as Jesus ministered to a desperate father and a desperate woman.

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