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Sardis was a city in decline; her past wealth and splendor greatly deteriorated. Set atop a mountain surrounded by steep cliffs with a single, narrow approach, Sardis had been considered impregnable, but had twice been conquered  because of its arrogance  and lack of watchfulness. Sardis was devoted to the worship of the mother-goddess Cybele. Ironically, a white, clean robe was required to participate in worship characterized by orgies and debaucheries of the basest nature.

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Thyatira was known for its trade guilds for potters, tanners, dyers and bronze workers. It was particularly known for its wool and dying industry as illustrated in the life of Lydia, a distributor of the purple garments for which Thyatira was famous (Acts 16:14). These guilds created a tremendous problem because it was extremely hard for a merchant to pursue his or her trade without belonging to a guild. But to belong to a guild put a Christian in a compromising position because of the pressure to participate in their pagan, idolatrous feasts. Each guild had its own patron deity, feasts, and seasonal festivities that included sexual immoralities.

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Pliny, a Roman author, described the city of Pergamum as "by far the most distinguished city in Asia." Pergamum was a university city boasting a library of more than two hundred thousand books. It was a center of worship for four of the most important pagan cults of that day - Zeus, Athene, Dionysos, and Asklepios. Pergamum was the official center in Asia for the imperial cult. It was the first city of Asia to receive permission to build a temple dedicated to the worship of a living ruler. In 29 B.C. Augustus granted permission for a temple to be erected in Pergamum to "the divine Augustus and the goddess Roma." In His letter to the angel of the church in Pergamum Jesus commends them for their faithfulness to His name even when Antipas was martyred, but rebukes them for allowing in their midst false teachers who were influencing them to compromise themselves with the prevailing culture.

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As Jesus speaks to the suffering saints of Smyrna challenging them to be faithful unto death He does so as their Sovereign Lord (the first and the last) Who was, Himself, faithful unto death (who died and came to life.) His death and resurrection guarantees their ultimate victory if, in fact, they are martyred on account of Jesus. 

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Jesus the Judge (1:9-20), Judgment Begins with His Church (1:13), Jesus’ Judgment of the Church of Ephesians (2:1-7).

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In his invocation, John calls upon all three members of the Trinity to let  grace and peace rest on the seven congregations to whom Revelation was written. The One who is and who was and who is to come is God the Father. The seven spirits who are before his throne is the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth. It was in His first coming that Jesus served as the faithful witness and, through His resurrection, became  the firstborn of the dead.

Did Jesus become the ruler of kings on earth in His first coming? Has Jesus been reigning over the kings of the earth for the past 2000 years? Is Jesus presently reigning and ruling in righteousness over President Putin of Russia, President Rouhani of Iran, President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, President Obama of the U.S.? Is Jesus, at this time, ruling the kings of earth?

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It is amazing how many people know the hymn "Amazing Grace"; it is sad how few people experience God’s grace. John’s hope and longing was that the persecuted churches to whom he wrote would deeply experience God’s grace and peace in the midst of their trials. 

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How many of us have read or tried to read the book of Revelation? Did you find Revelation to be an easy or a challenging read? Most of us, including myself, find Revelation to be a challenging read, yet a blessing is promised to anyone who reads and heeds this book.

What makes Revelation so challenging? It is challenging because of the way in which God communicated His message.  As you know, if you've read even just a portion of Revelation, God communicated His message using a lot of symbols. Revelation is not the only book full of symbols;  God also used a lot of symbols in the Old Testament books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Zechariah. In fact, as we will discover, many of the symbols used in these Old Testament books will be employed by God in Revelation.

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