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Sardis was a city in decline; her past wealth and splendor greatly deteriorated. Set atop a mountain surrounded by steep cliffs with a single, narrow approach, Sardis had been considered impregnable, but had twice been conquered  because of its arrogance  and lack of watchfulness. Sardis was devoted to the worship of the mother-goddess Cybele. Ironically, a white, clean robe was required to participate in worship characterized by orgies and debaucheries of the basest nature.

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Thyatira was known for its trade guilds for potters, tanners, dyers and bronze workers. It was particularly known for its wool and dying industry as illustrated in the life of Lydia, a distributor of the purple garments for which Thyatira was famous (Acts 16:14). These guilds created a tremendous problem because it was extremely hard for a merchant to pursue his or her trade without belonging to a guild. But to belong to a guild put a Christian in a compromising position because of the pressure to participate in their pagan, idolatrous feasts. Each guild had its own patron deity, feasts, and seasonal festivities that included sexual immoralities.

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