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Though we deny God, He loves us so much He sacrificed Jesus to pay the penalty of our sin and deliver us from His righteous wrath. God loves us so much that after He justifies us His Spirit imparts new life setting us free from our old lives of sin and death. And if that weren't enough to prove how much God loves you, God promises to complete our salvation by giving us new bodies and a future with Jesus that will never end. All the evidence of God’s love and commitment to you has been manifest. God loves you. Of this there can be no doubt. But do you love Him? That’s the question. Are you ready to commit yourself to Him? We're at a point of decision.

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If you are a Christian, your life is under reconstruction. You’re under new management. God is remodeling your life from the inside out. Your old life was based on a blueprint called the “mindset of the flesh” (Rom. 8:6). The "fleshly mindset" is a life driven by the body.

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Special Sermon: Communion Message 8-12-18

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As we open our Bibles to Romans 8:18-25 we are in that portion of Paul’s letter dealing with the second aspect of our salvation - sanctification. Sanctification is the lifelong process of spiritual transformation in which God is healing our brains, setting us free from self-centeredness and fear and changing our character all to the end of making us more and more like Jesus Himself. The process of sanctification is difficult. We want to live for God and obey Him, but self-centeredness and fear sabotage our godly desires.

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