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God's Family Welcomes All Who Have Faith in Christ

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In order to understand this passage we need first to understand a thing called the Oral Law (also referred to as the tradition of the elders). The Oral Law was a commentary on the Written Law (the Law of Moses) explaining how its 613 commandments were to be carried out. Certain Jews believe that at the same time that the Written Law was given from Mount Sinai, the Oral Law, too, was delivered to Moses. The Oral Law was then handed down orally to certain Jewish leaders/rabbis through each successive generation until these teaching were collected in a book called the Mishnah. The Mishnah is a compilation of the teachings of these Jewish leaders/rabbis to whom the Oral Law was committed tracing clear back to Moses.

The teachings of these Jewish rabbis was in the process of being collected in the days of our Lord. The Mishnah was completed about 250 A.D.; over 200 years after Jesus' ascension. The Mishnah is the tradition of the elders in written form. For orthodox Jews the Mishnah is their second most important book; the Torah (Written Law) being the first.

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We discovered in the previous passage that Herod Antipas misunderstood Jesus because of his guilt (6:14-29). In the passages before us in this study we discover that the disciples missed a major revelation about Jesus because of resentment.

After being rejected in His hometown of Nazareth (6:1-6) Jesus sent His disciples out (6:7-13). John Mark "sandwiches" in Herod Antipas' response to Jesus (6:14-29) then picks up the disciples' ministry trip again (6:30-31). The disciples returned to Jesus in Capernaum and reported the amazing things they had done and taught in His name.

Do you remember how crazy it was in Capernaum when His family came to take Him away? John Mark tells us there were so many people Jesus and His disciples couldn't even eat (3:21). As we can see the ministry load hadn't let up; Jesus and His disciples still couldn't find space to eat. So Jesus directed they get away to a remote place to rest.

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I hope by this time in our study of the Gospel of Mark we are realizing that Jesus and His 3 1/2 years of public ministry were extremely controversial. Many were looking for the promised Messiah; but that Messiah was completely human. Jesus' claim to be deity - to be a God-Man - was outrageous, blasphemous.

The leaders of Judaism spread the idea that Jesus was demon possessed and was performing miracles by the power of Satan (3:22). His family believed Him insane (3:20-21). The people of His hometown Nazareth insisted He was nothing more than a commoner (6:1-6).

There were three additional explanations about Jesus that were popularly believed.

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