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Grace Community Church Ramona Podcast

May 4, 2014


4,000 years ago in the midst of intense tragedy and pain a man named Job asked the question of the ages, "If a man dies, will he come back to life?" (Job 14:14).

Not long ago the Discovery Channel featured a show about the ten great mysteries of the world. Some of those mysteries included the lost city of Atlantis, UFO's, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. But the overwhelming number one mystery was life after death. 


So in the next 6 weeks we will be taking a look at what the Bible says about what lies behind the veil of death, what happens when we take our final breath, what heaven will be like and what we will do there, what hell will be like and what people will do there, whether purgatory is a real place, and other topics like whether animals will be in heaven, those that commit suicide will be in heaven and a host of other fun topics. 

Here's how we're going to tackle the topic of life after death... We are going to ask a host of questions that many people seem to be asking and discover the answers from the Word of God! So, here we go...