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Throughout history various men have sought to rule the world. None succeeded. In the Tribulation a man will succeed. How will this come about? The Scriptures reveal that…

2 Thessalonians 2:9–11 (ESV) 

9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false,

Antichrist will achieve world dominion. He will be energized and enabled by Satan. Citizens of the Tribulation who have no commitment to truth will fall prey to his deceptions. Chief among his deceptions will be his resurrection from the dead. The Antichrist will be part of a counterfeit trinity consisting of himself, Satan and the False Prophet. Mimicking Jesus’ death and resurrection, Antichrist will be killed and will rise from the dead. Three times this counterfeit resurrection is mentioned in Revelation 13. When will the death and resurrection of the Antichrist take place? Our study of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 enables us to identify when on the Tribulation timeline Antichrist will die and be resurrected. First, Revelation 11:3 reveals the Two Witnesses will prophesy for 1,260 days (3 1/2 years).

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4,000 years ago in the midst of intense tragedy and pain a man named Job asked the question of the ages, "If a man dies, will he come back to life?" (Job 14:14).

Not long ago the Discovery Channel featured a show about the ten great mysteries of the world. Some of those mysteries included the lost city of Atlantis, UFO's, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. But the overwhelming number one mystery was life after death. 


So in the next 6 weeks we will be taking a look at what the Bible says about what lies behind the veil of death, what happens when we take our final breath, what heaven will be like and what we will do there, what hell will be like and what people will do there, whether purgatory is a real place, and other topics like whether animals will be in heaven, those that commit suicide will be in heaven and a host of other fun topics. 

Here's how we're going to tackle the topic of life after death... We are going to ask a host of questions that many people seem to be asking and discover the answers from the Word of God! So, here we go...

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A Muslim mosque, The Dome of the Rock, presently dominates the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Two Jewish Temples have stood on this site. The first, built by King Solomon, was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. The second, built by Zerubbabel, was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D.

In 637 A.D. Muslim forces conquered Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock was completed in 691 A.D. Just a few meters south of The Dome of the Rock is a second mosque even more sacred to the Muslims which is called the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The Scriptures make clear that a third Jewish Temple will be built on the Temple Mount. It will be operative during the Tribulation. The Antichrist will desecrate this temple by erecting in it a statue of himself (Dan. 9:27; Matt. 24:15; 2 Thess. 2:3-4; Rev. 13:11-14). This is called the abomination of desolation by our Lord (Matt. 24:15). It will take place mid way through the seven year Tribulation.

At present, building a third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount seems impossible. How it will come about is not revealed in Scripture. That there will be a Third Jewish Temple is certain. That is the clear message of the first two verses of Revelation 11.

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In our lives, we all have a race to run and we are all called to follow Christ.

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Jesus lived a sinless life, was the perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins and thus giving us direct access to the Father as shown by the tearing of the curtain in the Temple that separated man from the presence of God, and He rose again from the dead giving us hope beyond the grave. Now here is the bummer news… We will all go to the grave someday. Nobody knows how or when their time will come, but it will come. 

If Jesus didn't rise from the dead people like Natalia truly have no hope beyond the grave. In fact, if Jesus didn't rise from the dead it was the most vicious and wicked hoax of all time due to the fact that it has given countless millions of people false hope. 

Many skeptics today claim that Jesus’ resurrection was a hoax and a scam… However, if I had faked the resurrection there are numerous things I wouldn't have done and neither would anyone else in their right mind… let’s look at those right now. 

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Why did Jesus come and suffer the things He suffered? Why did Jesus passionately urge people to believe in Him for salvation? From what did they need to be saved? Do we need to be saved as well? The answer is found in the last book of the Bible; the book of Revelation. If you are just joining us, we have been studying Revelation on Sunday mornings.  Previous studies are available both on our website and our mobile app.

The reason Jesus came and suffered what He did is found in Revelation 20. All His appeals to being "saved" are related to being saved from the event revealed in Revelation 20. Everything Jesus suffered in the crucifixion and in His death were for the purpose of delivering you and me from the event revealed in Revelation 20. That event is The Great White Throne Judgment.

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Dr. Steve Austin
Five Signs on the Day of the Cross: What happened on history's most momentous day?

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Big Idea: Jesus loves the lowly, broken, and sinful.

I’d like to take a short quiz here today. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers. I’d just like to poll this group to see who had childhoods like mine. For example, by a show of hands, how many of us here have actually cried over spilled milk? How many hid your vegetables or gave them to the dog rather than cleaning your plate? How many remember blaming a brother or sister for things you did - and getting away with it? How many recall reading in bed with a flashlight? How many put Jell-O in the fishbowl just to see what would happen? How many put fish in the Jell-O bowl? Okay, maybe that last one was just me.

I’m pretty sure we all misbehaved as children. And some of us just never got out of the habit. But do you remember what it was like when you had done something wrong, and you had to face your mother or father, or teacher or pastor? Do you remember how that felt? How you expected judgment; how you knew you deserved to be punished; how anticipating someone’s disapproval was as bad or worse than anything they could do to you? It’s natural to feel that way. It’s a very human response—a guilt reflex. However, very often it becomes more than that. Our guilt festers and grows, and sometimes leads to shame, where we not only know we’ve done a bad thing, we end up thinking that is all we will ever be, a screw up! And sometimes we make adjustments to that feeling or that suspicion. We learn to accept it. We live with it. And it drags us down. It poisons our minds. It shrivels our souls. 

Last week in our study we saw Jesus revealed as "the Son of Man," a messianic title that also refers to the fact that He identifies with us in our humanity. He gets it. He is as approachable as He is authoritative and amazing. And this week, we see another facet, another answer, and that is this- He is: The Sinner's Friend.

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Following the sixth Trumpet Judgment (9:13-21) the Apostle John saw another mighty angel. This is another angel (Grk., "another of the same kind") distinct from the sixth angel who sounded the sixth trumpet (9:13). He is coming down from heaven emphasizing his origin and his heavenly authority. Clouds are often associated with divine intervention and judgment (Dan. 7:13; 1 Thess. 4:17). His being clothed with a cloud symbolizes his role in executing God's judgment.  The rainbow encircling his head reminds us of the rainbow around God’s throne and signals this angel is acting with divine authority (4:3). His face reflects God’s Shekinah glory and his legs like pillars of fire symbolize divine judgment.

The little scroll open in his hand is not the seven-sealed scroll of 5:1. A different word is used in the Greek to distinguish this scroll from the former. Based on what happens in this vision, this little scroll contains revelation concerning the final series of judgments, the Bowl Judgments.

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Big Idea: Jesus identifies with us in our human condition to accept, forgive, and heal us.

You have probably heard it before. It is a saying commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette, the Austrian princess who became queen of France after marrying Louis the 16th. Legend says that when she was informed that her subjects, the French peasants, were starving because they had no bread, she naively answered, "Let them eat cake!"

She has come to symbolize a person who is spoiled and privileged, and out of touch with common people and everyday life-like a queen who would assume that someone who has run out of bread could eat cake instead.

It is a common failing of the rich and powerful. Someone who has been raised in a wealthy family may have trouble understanding what it is like to work hard and still not be able to make ends meet.

Politicians and presidents are sometimes lampooned because they don’t know how to use a grocery store scanner, or because they're caught without cash in a sandwich shop. And then there's the rest of us. We get an overdraft notice or a shutoff notice, and we wonder if there’s anyone who really knows how bad that feels. Someone treats us like dirt, and we sense there’s no one else who truly understands how that feels. We doubt ourselves, disappoint ourselves, and think that no one could possibly identify with us. If any of that is close to what it feels like to be you, you are not alone today. In fact, you couldn’t be less alone because of what God has to say to you through His Word today.

Today we begin a series of messages and worship experiences called "Who Do You Say That I Am?" 

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